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The History of Jazz Inspiration

JAZZ INSPIRATION Records came into being in 1991 as the brainchild of entertainment lawyer Arnold B. Schwisberg. It grew out of the highly successful Jazz Inspiration Radio Network (until 1991, the most widely syndicated jazz show in Canada), and evolved into one of the highest quality labels in the Canadian market. JAZZ INSPIRATION Records is the only independent label that is distributed by a major record company, namely Allegro. In its relatively short history, JAZZ INSPIRATION Records has amassed a catalogue of 25 releases and has garnered critical success and listener applause. We aim to search out and produce world-class artists and performers; to that end, JAZZ INSPIRATION Records straddles today's jazz spectrum from mainstream to contemporary. To date the label and its artists have been awarded seven Juno awards. The label's artists have admirers in pianists Chick Corea and Oscar Peterson; and in U.S. publications Cadence Magazine, Downbeat Magazine and The Los Angeles Times.



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